Mr Nits Instruction Video.

Head lice Treatment from Botanica

Botanica Mr Nits Head lice Treatment is a special formulation of natural botanical oils which disrupts the attachment of lice and their live eggs to the hair, enabling quick and easy removal by rinsing and combing. Mr Nits affects live eggs and lice. Any dead eggs and egg shells need to be removed individually. Comes with a free comb.

Easy steps for getting rid of head lice

  1. DON’T WORRY! Every family has to deal with head lice at least once in their lifetime and by following these simple steps all will be well. You and your kids will remember the time with ease and possibly a smile.
  2. Dampen hair with water or apply after a bath or shower. Put on their favourite movie and get them to sit comfortably in a well lit position with towel over shoulders. Brush out all the knots.
  3. Apply Mr Nits lightly but enough to get to the scalp where the eggs often lie. Comb through the strands of hair with the expert comb by moving from one side to the other. With each stroke wipe the comb clean with toilet paper to remove lice and eggs (place this in a plastic bag). If you have a lot of eggs clinging to the hair shafts often around the forehead and back of ears then apply a little more Mr Nits and leave it on with the plastic cap for an hour. This softens the eggs making them easier to comb out. The plastic cap does not need to be left on your head for prolonged time especially overnight.
  4. Shampoo the Mr Nits out of hair and then comb through again to ensure all lice and eggs are gone. Mr Nits can be used as often as required as it is good for the hair and soothing on the scalp. Seal the plastic bag tightly and leave in warm place for a few days. This will kill the head lice.

 We have just put together a video to show you how to use our product Mr Nits.
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