Topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory

At Botanica we are embracing the new New Zealand regulations and describe more of what our products do on the box. Today its Scratchy & Itchy’s turn for a revamp. Im reaching out to customers to tell us what they use the product for. Over the 20 years of Scratchy Gel I know of a huge variety of people’s problems being solved. Including but not limited to; the itch under a cast of a fracture, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, eczema, duck itch, insect bites, jellyfish stings, hot feet, taking the fluid out of a blister, cooling burns and sunburn, chicken pox, shingles and stressed muscles.

So we thought we would go wordy with the label .

Here’s the first draft

A powerful topical anti-inflammatory, our customers use Scratchy & Itchy to treat bruises, blisters from a burn, muscular pain management, sprains, hemorrhoids, swollen veins and
    fluid retention.
Scratchy & Itchy is very cooling, soothing minor burns, hot feet, sunburn and stressed muscles.
 The combination of cooling and anti-inflammatory effects relieves itchiness and irritation from chicken pox (moist healing reduces the risk of scaring) itches from insect bites, irritation under the cast on a fracture, Duck itch and eczema.
Scratchy N Itchy quickly goes into the skin so it can be used extensively on affected areas with no messy or greasy residue.
 Scratchy & Itchy is a synergistic formulation of Witch Hazel, Thyme and Mineral Salts.  Similar to taking a mineral salt bath,moving excess fluid through the semi- permeable membranes of the skin.
 Scratchy & Itchy’s efficacy can be demonstrated on a bruise , you can observe the treated part of the bruise change colour as it heals.
Keep in the fridge enabling fast access to treat kitchen burns.