Head Lice

As School starts again here in NZ we get more email and phone call questions about treating head lice. Yesterday I was in a Target, Queenstown, my mobile rings, the office phone must have been switched to me, She says”its a little embarrassing ..” and I’m straight into my usual reassuring statement ‘ its absolutely normal and very usual and …” assuming its the standard phone call from a desperate parent of an infested child. She then to my surprise asks me if Mr Nits works on pubic lice. I thought how interesting to be having this conversation amongst the other shoppers at Target and couldn’t help myself to tell her about the fabulous lab study at Med school where the Lab technician has the 3 human lice species and puts them on a volunteer’s chest to demonstrate the specific, and different habits of the lice, the head lice head off toward the scalp, body lice went for arm pit and chest and pubic lice went south.

Not what she really wanted to hear but I was also happy to tell her that Mr Nits will be fine and wont do any harm( pesticide product can be nasty on sensitive skin). Was going to tell her about mode of action on chiton of all these insect species and the instant knock down- fake death and their ventricles but she had enough.